A Brownsville Tale

by Genesis Be

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An homage track to "Renee" by The Lost Boyz.


How they say? Shits ill out here? (Shits ill out here)
This A Brownville Tale Man...
Listen, listen...

Verse 1:
To some this story might sound ill,
Bout this shawty that i met while livin out in Brownsville
American trini, she told me bout her past, about the men who didn't last and how she gettin her cash
And livin fast,
I asked her if she loved her self or did she love the wealth.
She looked at me and she laughed
She called me self righteous said she wanna get to know me
we built our friendship up slowly, became homies.
She told me that her life was tragic,
Was dealt a disadvantage
Check the family line
Ya find a Long list of addicts
she told me bout her ex and how they Hate each other
He somewhere locked in prison with a couple baby mothers
She said she used to have dreams of being a vet
Compassion in her words is somethin I ain't expect
She say they only look at her surface
She lives without purpose,
Everyday she wish that God would close the curtains
So I said...

A ghetto love is the law that we live by
Day by day I wonder why my shawty had to die.
A ghetto love is the law that we live by
Day by day I wonder why my shawty had to die.
A ghetto love is the law that we live by
Day by day I wonder why my shawty had to die.
I reminise about my ghetto princess, everyday I give it up
for my shawty

Verse 2:
She said she had two abortions and a still birth,
It's been a couple years since,
But it still hurts
She said she live a life of pain and regret,
And a dark cloud shades the ground wherever she step
She very well versed about these social situations,
We would talk for hours bout the plight of our nation
Racism and the hatred, concept of salvation
The medicare and welfare
lack of education
Shawty was a rider
A Sexual assault survivor
Never knew her father
had a series of providers
Helped her mama raise her brothers just to make the load a little lighter
They would love and they leave her,
The losers she let inside her,
A queen without a throne
A fallen angel all alone,
When I was touring outta town the she would hit me on the phone
She said that she's my number one fan and i'ma blow
And that the impact I had on her life, I'll never know

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

I remember when she told me she enrolled in college,
To be a vet and I was proud that she had kept her promise
She would do a strip tease
pay tuition and fees
Doin what she had to achieve her dream,
The last time i saw her
Those eyes had a gleam,
Imagine my surprise when she gave my phone a ring
She said that she was havin suicidal thoughts
Before I could speak, she hung up, my heart dropped
i knew that She was at her cousins spot right around the block
I sprinted over quick and had my stomach al in knots
Much to my surprise, I seen an ambulance arrive,
She layin on a gurney no life in her eyes,
They tryin to revive, but I can tell it's over
Said a prayer for my shawty, no tears from a soldier,
I wonder what I coulda did different, today i still talk to her as if she listening, I miss her man


released May 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Genesis Be New York

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