Cold Eyes

by Genesis Be

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    Written by Genesis Be
    Produced by Qwreck Productions

    Cold Eyes Lyrics:

    They said I'd never make it,
    But my daddy told me opposite,
    I'm studying Common Sense & Bumpin 2pacalypse,
    When Nastradamus hit, I was the first with the tracks,
    Any lunch room battle, was the first to attack,
    Motivated by the hate, i knew I had t approach it,
    With a different focus, Cause being a female I kinda noticed,
    That those I kept closest had alterior motives, so it's on,
    Age 13 I got my first gun,
    On the block break of dawn, sun sets so I jet,
    Feeling like I had to form a set to protect,
    Age 15 I saw the birth of the Armada, 6 bad broads
    Decked out in body armor,
    Then came the drama, it's like it never fails,
    From dog fights to cat fights and endin' up in jail,
    While most chicks focused on Make Up & Gettin Laid,
    We focused on mixin' jake up, and gettin paid,
    And then the love drug came into my circle,
    Exstacy pills were green, yellow, blue and purple,
    I tried it one time and never touched it again,
    But it was a different story when talking about my friends,
    They all got addicted couldn't stop the pill poppin,
    Bein a hustler I saw potential for profit,
    So I copped a couple dozen to distribute to my set,
    That feeling of guilt is something I'll never forget,
    Cause I'm performing at schools like "Don't Do Drugs"
    Then afterwards breaking down buds and selling dubs,
    Meanwhile my older brothers couldn't stay outta trouble,
    And my daddy was a preacher, a warrior in the struggle,
    Him and mama tried to raise us right, with a better life,
    But we addicted to the streets and the gutter life,
    And I always had political messages in my lyrics,
    But my detrimental lifestyle's killing my spirit,
    I even tried college but at first I was rejected,
    Hurricane Katrina was so highly unexpected,
    It flooded my whole block, my city was destroyed,
    My fan base was gone and I couldn't fill the void,
    Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome I'm battelin'
    Got too much pride to say I couldn't handle it,
    Fast forward two years I'm up at NYU,
    When Superman died a part of me died too,
    I remember when I heard it that my homeboy was
    murdered and I didn't have the money to fly home and see his service so...
    When I look at you with cold eyes, but keep a smile on my face at all times, now you know why
    When I look at you with cold eyes, but keep a smile on my face at all times, now you know why
    When I look at you with cold eyes, yet keep a smile on my face at all times, now you know why
    Yeah, now you know why... know he knows why... God knows why....
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released December 7, 2010



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Genesis Be New York

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