I Can't Breathe

by Genesis Be

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Lyrics written and performed by Genesis Be & I.Be.Tollah
Vocals Mixed & Mastered by Dj Goodgoose
Produced by Just Blaze
Co-produced by Nard & B)

Take a deep breath,
It may be your last,
Rest in Peach

On my last breath like I can't breathe,
Why you got your guns pointed at me?
My Nation suffocating no I can't breathe,
Hands Up don't shoot! I can't breathe.
I can't breathe. (Repeats)

Verse 1
Although these times are trying
Freedom you can't deny us
See that's false advertisement
Wat you sellin I ain't buying
These politicians lying
When we resort to violence
I can't condone your silence
Murder us with no indictment
These cops are Profiling
Open season get your license
More afraid of cops than isis
So tell me what the price is?
Our nation's in a crisis
answers that they can't provide us
Fill their prisons, they indict us
broken families of survivors

Verse 2
You didn't have to Suffocate em
blame it health complication
Cant avoid this confrontation
Topic of conversation
Seem like ya'll won't make no changes
Till were burning down this nation
Gotta change this legislation
Check the cops and How you train them
In this nation nothings sacred
Babies lives are being taken
Disrespect is blatant
Since we've running out of patience
Rather shoot him than to taze him
I can't take it
Another body on the pavement
I need some ventilation

Verse 3
To all the fallen soldiers
Pour out some liqour for ya
You gone but not forgotten
We gon' fight until it's over
Weight of world is on my shoulders
Lock and load they cuff and hold ya
Got ya life at their disposal
Packign prisons, fill the quota
Knowing that they can't control ya
Keep it calm when they approach ya
Gotta maintain Ya composure
Choose a Dream & keep it focused
They call us thugs (thugs)
And thats how they promoted
but they don't know us
Were trendsetters
Scholars and composers


released December 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Genesis Be New York

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