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Written by Genesis Be
Singing by Auzriel
Produced by Yung Huss
Mixed by Henrik Tala www.jjmusicnyc.com


Genesis Be baby... listen

If I had one wish...

I would wish for my existence,
Immortalized in pictures, writtin down in the scriptures.
one wish...
I would want the world to see me,
As more than just a rapper that they might have saw on t.v.
one wish...

All I would blow out all the candles,
rid the world of corporate scandal,
No need for panhandle,
No need for mama’s workin over time for child care,
No need for medicare, medicare or welfare,
I wish we didn’t’ monetize our own daughters,
I wish that Rappers do community service without a court order,
And thats a short order, but if I made the menu,
I’d go back in time, relive all the pain I been through

one wish... This is what i'd do REPEAT

2nd Verse:
I would build myself a space ship,
Fly to a world where nobody gettin' face lifts,

No such thing as day shft, All you hear is bass hit,
All we do is build, make love and get wasted,

One wish,
The good wouldn’t die, young,
I would do a song Pac, Pimp C & and Big Pun.
That all femcees would end the beef,
and finally come together, take over the industry (Hey)
One wish...
No more general Petraeus,
No more giving the world another reason to hate us.
No globalized economy, no more foreign policies,
Made to benefit the rich while killing us with poverty,
And I'm just speaking honestly for those of you who can't,
And I'm just spittin' real since most of these rappers aint,
And that's why I wish upon a star...
That every superstar would recognize just who you are
(Recognize just who you are)

Repeat (One Wish)


released June 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Genesis Be New York

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