Tell Nicki Sammy Sosa (Clean Version)

by Genesis Be (Produced by Good Goose)

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Genesis Be Baby! (X7)
Good Goose WHATTUP!

My wordplay is serious,
Bim bam pow
Wow, now thwy wanna be ha,
I can't even blamem
Swags on loca,
Mama cacaroacha, showin me her chocha,
Her mans on the sofa,
Her man is on sofa, hopin ill approach ha,
but I'm not minaj, tell nicki sammy sosa,
Knock it out tha spark, home runnin on that ass,
Play me to left and im comin fa that ass,
Boss make move... Lame stay there...
I see thru that bullsht, keep a blank stare,
Ever since daycare, I aint eva play fair,
Fakes say truth, real !*** say dare,
A real go getter make anything work,
Good Goose bass make anythang jerk
Middle of the flo, got patron on ha shirt,
Too many flirts, just comes with the perks,
Money aint a thang, man it fall like the rain do,
Labels all mad cuz I'm doin what they can't do,
Knock tha game out, I wan gone when u came too,
Ten city tour, shut it down when I ame thru,

Get ya weave fixed, wipe them lames off,
Show ya new kicks, yeah u goin off, (Repeat)

Chick like I stay fly like delta
Roll with a click of bad broads that'll melt ya,
They say she a psycho, can't nobody help her,
I'm about to bubble like water with tha selzter
He looka like a man, I looka like a boss,
Mr.Clean Listerine... Dentine Floss...
Keep it in the pocket... Sizzy Rocket..
Purple Haze Blaze yeah I stayz on the market,
I be that product, beef grade "A"
Barbecue attitude... we stay paid.

Play em like a sport man
Dead em like a corpse man,
I love short man,
Size of gary coleman,
Or u can me ridin with the baddest chick in portland, (repeat)
Mississippi mindstate,
That's where u can find me,
Gulf coast queen, grip of goons right behind me,
Labels wanna sign me,
B$#! sign a check!
They play to get hard, so I'm playin hard get,

Get ya weave fixed, wipe them lames off,
Show ya new kicks, yeah u goin off,


released November 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Genesis Be New York

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